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Porn Basics 101 - Insider's guide for the making and distribution of adult videos

  • Instruction for camera settings, lighting and sound
  • Booking the best and right talent for your project
  • Learn how to Market and Distribute adult films from Adult Film Distributors.
  • Marketing and distribution of adult dvds
  • How to keep it legal/state and federal laws affecting the adult entertainment industry
  • Directing talent on the set


Seminar Dates:
Tampa, Florida

August 09-10-11


Registration Limited


Learn how to set up a XXX production company

  • Learn the legalities from experienced adult entertainment Attorneys
  • What is your liability while filming?
  • What records do you have to keep?
  • Where do your need to store records?
  • Where can your film?
  • How extreme can you get before being criminally obscene?
  • What contracts, releases, and other legal forms do you need for every project?
  • Can you get arrested for producing porn?
  • How can you make, sell, and distribute porn without getting arrested?
  • Can you do anything to make talent seek you out?
  • Does the "Casting Couch" exist in a professional operation?
  • How do you pay talent and how much?

Learn how to produce and direct XXX movies from Blue Lou Rigazzi

  • How do you prepare a set for filming?
  • What are your lighting needs?
  • What cameras should you use for filming?
  • How do you improve your sound quality?
  • How do you find talent?

Learn how to market your company and your films

  • How can you get a regional or national distributor?
  • How can you get your films reviewed by regional and national magazines?



SILVER $1,250.00

  • (The Mike Media Guide - Home Course Study)
  • The Home Course Study is designed to teach you how to create, plan & execute a successfully proven business model for the adult entertainment industry. The study instructs you on how to shoot, edit & market your product while adhering to today's laws & legal guidelines.
  • This course package includes a data base with the contacts to thousands of today's leading adult industry resources. Inside you'll find immediate access to today's "hottest" adult super stars & the agents who represent them. Additionally, you have the contacts to box cover designers, web masters, award winning directors & producers, DVD replicators, video editors & authors. Mike Media will proactively assist all of our clients in coordinating strategic partnerships with the required adult business leaders in various sectors of the industry.
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GOLD $2,500.00

  • Includes the full guide from Silver Package plus a live 3 Day Weekend Seminar.
  • Our GOLD package is highly recommended to anyone that is serious about entering into the adult entertainment business. It includes the curriculum of the GOLD package plus so much more. Whether you want to be a cameraperson, video editor, producer, director, and/or distributer. This course is for you. It is considered to be our premium package. It offers over three, eight-hour days of hands on instruction from adult film veteran instructors, Mike Media and many more. You will not only be verbally instructed but you will be physically shown the necessary procedures on how to hire crew and talent, light a set, the various camera angles, shooting styles & techniques. We also cover important post production procedures such as video editing & DVD authoring as well as where to send it out for replication & packaging and/or encoding.
  • Get hands on legal advice from our legal panelist and entertainment lawyers. They bring you over 12 years of entertainment legal experience. Learn everything from section 2257, Copy Writing, Talent Releases, Crew Agreements, Location Releases, Music Releases, Distribution rights & so much more. Start your business off the right way with the most up to date laws & legal guidelines.
  • It doesn't stop there. Watch & learn while the pros go to work. The GOLD package puts you right in the middle of the adult business with our "On Set Experience" Watch as we create, cast and shoot a live sex scene, right in front of you. Learn how to create a sexy scene with intense energy. We cover everything from how to open a scene, the body of a scene, and the closing of a scene as well as how to create an erotic tease and how to get the best coverage during a scene, showing all the dos & don\'ts of the trade. Don\'t waste your time & money. Learn it here, the right way, now!
  • At the end of the day, come back to Profac Studios for our Mike Media Cocktail Party. Meet & mingle with some of today's hottest adult stars & cast your first movie right here. Meet industry directors & producers as well as other crewmembers that will be a vital part of your productions. This party also serves as a questions & answers forum for any lingering questions you may have.
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PLATINUM $3,500.00

  • The PLATINUM package is a must for the seriously interested. It includes the curriculum of both the GOLD & SILVER packages plus so much more. This is our most elite package available. It truly separates the amateurs from the professionals. Bring your own tape & camera because you are shooting & directing real talent, hot adult stars. Apply everything you've learned, casting, the legal paperwork, the camera angles, positions, energy, the opening, body & closing of a scene, and put it to work for you. Take this scene home with you because it's yours. You own it. Start your business today by directing you're very own scene. Congratulations, you're an adult film director!
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